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New Trustees and a New Constitution
Pentecost 2012, Sunday 27 May, was a big day in the history of Christchurch as a new Constitution was adopted and Trustees were appointed.
The Trustees are listed below as at 15 January 2020.

Portfolio Leadership Team Joined
Chair Wendy Ribbands  
Church Secretary Diana Feather  
Treasurer Roland Henney May 2016
Minister Roberta Topham  
Communications Margo Atkinson June 2014
Community Chris Knamiller  
Mission and Evangelism Christine Henney June 2014
Nurture Juliet Amos October 2014
Pastoral Jenny Freeman  
Resources Janet Thompson  
Worship David Gouldesbrough  


Trustee Elected
June Blakelock  
Tom Collins June 2017
Margaret Cook  
Lynnda Duttine  
Pat Evans  
Janice Noble  
Bridget Pitcairn  
Judith Smith  
Philip Smith October 2016
John Stanley  
Iain Thake June 2014
Val Worrall  

Members who have previously served on the Leadership Team

Portfolio Leadership Team From To
Chair Michael Noble May 2012  
Church Secretary Chris Mannall May 2012  
Treasurer Tom Collins May 2012 May 2016
Minister Rob Hilton May 2012  
Communications Ruth Jones May 2012 June 2014
Community Helen Singleton May 2012  
Mission and Evangelism Rita Armitage May 2012 June 2014
Nurture Margaret Whitton May 2012 June 2014
Pastoral Judy Dixon May 2012 June 2014
  Jeannie Buckroyd June 2014  
Treasurer Tom Collins May 2012 May 2016
Resources John Stanley May 2012 May 2016
  Chris Burns May 2016 May 2017
  John Stanley May 2017  
Worship Margaret Cook May 2012  

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