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Growing out of the interest shown in the talks in the week preceding Easter 2013, this is a monthly forum where we explore questions of faith and spirituality in a credible and inclusive way, valuing contemporary thought and modern biblical understanding.

There are no right or wrong answers or opinions; but we do invite you to join us in a supportive environment to ask those questions you've always wanted to.

These sessions aim to be interactive, with some input to start proceedings, followed by open debate.

Venue: Zoom
Time:   7:30pm to 9:00pm on the second Sunday

Dates for Spring 2021

Sunday 10 January
Sunday 14 February
Sunday 14 March

Read or download the Notes from previous meetings

There are notes and records of discussions from the first 48 Melting Pot sessions, uo to Melting Pot 48 (February 2020) on God's Words? - Translations. There is a brief summary of each session with links to downladable documents.

Some of the topics we have looked at

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Marriage & Relationships Report
  • Beliefs that Divide
  • Communion: Bridge or Barrier
  • Living with Contradictory Convictions
  • Saving Jesus from the Church
  • How to read the Bible - Narrative Analysis
  • Jesus is Late - the 'Second Coming'
  • Migration And The Bible
  • The Fifth Gospel of Thomas
  • How Green is my Faith?
  • Heaven and Hell
  • I Agree with Dawkins
  • Are You Saved?
  • When Jesus Became God - the creation of the Trinity

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