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A Vision for Christchurch

We believe God’s vision for us is CHRIST at the centre of the church at the heart of the town.

We aim to have WORSHIP at its heart that is acceptable to GOD, relevant to the needs of a community of all ages and encourages the use of people’s gifts and insights. We desire constantly to sustain and enhance worship. Christchurch seeks to be a place where all are welcomed in CHRIST’S name, an active witness to GOD’s love in co-operation with other churches, and a source of inner peace and renewal.

We desire Christchurch to be a PLACE OF MEETING, where spiritual, social and community needs are met in an atmosphere of Christian love. We wish to use our resources and premises to this end.

Christchurch aims to play its part fully in GOD’S WORK IN THE WORLD, being alert to the spiritual and political issues of local, national and international life. Accordingly we seek to be people through whom the HOLY SPIRIT works in worship and prayer, witness and action, and care for others.

In seeking the next steps in fulfilling this Vision, there has been a general sense of agreement that God is calling Christchurch to examine how we can:

  • Offer Christ more effectively
  • Provide a warm and informative welcome to all
  • Offer opportunities for prayer, reflection and the deepening of spirituality
  • Provide space for conversation and for listening
  • Provide worship at different times and in a variety of contexts
  • Develop new opportunities for service and witness
  • Meet emerging community needs, with a focus on families, children and young people
  • Enhance our witness through the Coffee Centre

March 2010

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