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Fairtrade LogoOn the first Sunday of every month (except January - no stall, and March 2019 - 2nd Sunday) we set up a stall selling Traidcraft goods. This is available in the Christchurch Cafe following both the 9:00am and the 10:45 Services.

We stock a good range of items – from kitchen rolls and rubber gloves to lots of different chocolates and biscuits – and are happy to respond to customers’ specific requests.
Our mission is to encourage people to buy fairtrade goods wherever they can, especially in supermarkets, to sustain demand and ensure that these products are available for a growing number of shoppers because ….
….. buying fairtrade really does make a difference to the lives of producers and their communities.
Of course, our Christchurch Cafe sells fairtrade tea and coffee, and we are a registered Fairtrade Church (and Ilkley is a Fairtrade town).
For more information contact Polly Hosking or Pat Fisher via the Church Office.

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