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East view of Christchurch from the GroveOur premises are located in the centre of the town, along The Grove, at the junction with Riddings Road.
(Yes, we are opposite that famous Tea Room!)

Use this link to Google Maps.
Google has put us on the wrong side of Riddings Road, but it is close enough!

Bus & Train
The church is a short flat walk from the bus and train stations located on Railway Road. You will see the church spire to your right once you leave the station!


Our church has only three dedicated parking places, reserved for our Minister and working staff. Visitors and members have to park within the town.

From August 2019 a new parking regime has been put into place. This means that local parking is likely to mean paying a parking fee.

Most of Riddings Road parking is now reserved for local residents with permits.

On street parking (every day, 2 hour maximum, between 8:00am and 6:00pm) is available on the Grove, three places at the bottom of Riddings Road, down both sides of Wells Promenade, and elsewhere.

The fees are:
30 minutes - free (a ticket is still required)
1 hour - £1
2 hours - £2

Parking in the Central Car Park (every day, between 8:00am and 6:00pm) has a maximum stay of 6 hours, the fee being £1 an hour. There is an evening fee of £1 from 6:00pm until midnight.

Some parking permits are available for Sunday morning, but I have no detail at the moment.

Information about Ilkley


Click on this link to the Ilkley Community Pages.

Panoramic Photos of Ilkley
You can see some panoramas of Ilkley by going to this commercial website:

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