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Smiles logoSpecial Moments in Life Encounters Service is our service for children with special needs and their families.

We are changing the meeting pattern to the third Sunday in the month from March 2020 onwards to see if we can mesh in with The Ark at St John's Ben Rhydding.

We meet at 4:00pm in Dan's Den.

We meet in Dan’s Den for a play whilst everyone arrives and then go through to the Lower Hall for songs, Makaton and sensory activities relating to the theme. We use touch, smell, taste, sounds and sights to explore a Bible passage. Afterwards we return to Dan’s Den for more play and refreshments. It is always chaos but we love it that way! We welcome all who want to come so please don’t feel that your child might be too challenging for us!

Details from Christine Henney.

NEW Dates for 2020
02 February
15 March
19 April
17 May
21 June
19 July

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