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CAP Money

CAP Money Course GraphicMany of us are finding it more difficult to make ends meet, sometimes because of family commitments, illness, job loss or simply rising prices. However there is help available through Christians Against Poverty which provides intensive debt management, and the free CAP Money Management course we run here in Ilkley.

You may have heard about Christians Against Poverty; a worldwide charity based in Bradford which extends Christian love to people in debt through a range of practical support, including debt management advice. Many people have been helped.

Of course it is much better to manage your money well and avoid getting into debt in the first place, but no-one tells you how to do that! At Christchurch we have partnered with All Saints’ Ilkley and The Bridge Christian Fellowship to deliver a short course on Money Management – called the ‘CAP Money Course’ - to anyone. It uses videos and a workbook to explain a simple approach to
 # working out how much money you have
 # helping you decide how much to spend each week
 # showing you how to live without using credit
 # focusing on using cash for routine spending.
It might seem an old fashioned approach but it really works. And its totally free!
The CAP money course was first delivered in Wharfedale by a group from ‘The Bridge Christian Fellowship’ several years ago and one or two courses a year have run since. There is no need to tell anyone about your personal finances, and anything you choose to say is completely confidential.

There is more information and a short video explaining what the course is about on the CAP Money website. There is also a short video about the CAP Money Course in Ilkley.
You may want to come to the CAP Money course to help you manage your own money, to put your finances back on track or help you afford some of those little luxuries. Or perhaps there are people you know or in your family that you could help with money management? Maybe attending this course might equip you to help them.
Booking is essential. To book onto the course just go to CAP Money Course or ring Jeff on 01943 864751 or talk to Colin Brunold.


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