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CTI 2000

At Spring Harvest 2011 there was a week of events for people with learning difficulties. I was challenged by the notion that the bible tells us we are all made in the image of God but we all have bits of ourselves that are not 'perfect'. As we get older, our physical and mental capacities slow down, and yet we are still 'made in the image of God'. Many of us are born with parts which are not 'perfect' or things we can't do very well, but we are all still 'made in the image of God'. Maybe my definition of the image of God is too narrow and maybe it has more to do with our spiritual life than our physical or mental life.

The faith of Christians who have learning difficulties is often much purer and deeper than that of us who claim to have the capacity to understand our faith better.

I recently heard Stuart Jenkins (the Baptist Minister) talk about CTI 2000 and how this organisation is blessing and empowering adults with learning difficulties in Ilkley. It was founded by Churches Together in Ilkley and aims to give people the chance to live life to their full potential.

Some activities CTI 2000 run are:
  Lunch Club at the Baptist Church, on Thursdays from 12:30pm
  Summer outings - an annual highlight for many folk
  Buzz Club on Saturdays
  Oasis Cafe, Skipton Rd - 10am til 3pm on Fridays
  Allotments at St John's Church - plant and vegetable growing at the allotment in the summer.
  Summer activities at St John's
  Dance group
  Wellbeing Clinic for parents and carers of people with learning disabilities
  Nile Road - independent living for three people

This fantastic initiative is accessed by many people and needs lots of volunteers to support it. If you are interested, please contact Ruth Jones.

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