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New Initiatives At Christchurch

If a member of Christchurch wishes to start up something new, then this is welcomed, but needs to be co-ordinated with our existing or planned activites.

Members are asked to download and complete the New Initiatives Form (pdf), or if you would rather complete it electronically, please download the New Initiatives Form (Microsoft Word).

Please return to the Christchurch office for forwarding to the minister or relevant leadership team person - thank you. 

Here is a summary of the contents of the form:

Thank you for being in touch about an idea you have for a new initiative at Christchurch. That is great! We need to keep finding fresh ways to be a worshipping and outreaching Christian community in our time and place.

We would love to work with you to see where your idea fits within the vision and priorities that have been identified by the leadership of the church, both locally and nationally. We also have certain guidelines that our parent bodies require us to follow and can help to make sure you know about these and follow them.

It would be helpful if you could complete this initial form to give an outline of your idea and also speak to someone on the Christchurch Leadership team who has a particular involvement in this area of work within the church.

Then we will get together with you to see who else might be sharing a similar interest and how and when we might help you take your initiative forward. It may be that this is just the right time for what you are proposing or it may be that we ask you to wait a little until other initiatives that are in the pipeline have got going.  May God bless you as you offer your ideas and visions in this way.

1  Your name and names of anyone willing to partner with you in leading this initiative?

2  What is your idea and what do you see as the main aims of this initiative?

3  What Christchurch or community need(s) will this initiative meet? Might it help with sharing our faith?

4  Might there be Safeguarding requirements? You can find this out by contacting Merle Collins, our church safeguarding officer.

5  Would you need extra help (staff/volunteers) - eg for leading, welcoming, opening up the premises, preparing the room and tidying up afterwards, or stewarding? If so, please give an idea of numbers and roles.

6  Do you already have any volunteers for these tasks? If so please name them here.

7  How often would you see your initiative running - eg weekly, fortnightly, monthly, other?

8  What day of the week and time-slot?

9  When might you wish to start this initiative?

10 Have you enquired with the room booking secretary as to whether it might be possible to book your preferred time?

11 Are you aware of any groups already using a similar time slot

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