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Prayer Shawl Ministry

Three ladies knitting Shawls

Christchurch Prayer Shawl Ministry was formed in 2011 after reading an article in the Reform magazine explaining how it started in America.

A request in our church magazine asking for knitters interested in making the shawls was the start of our group. Our knitters have had so much pleasure in making the shawls and the recipients have received them with gratitude and the love in which they were knitted. Knitted with prayers and blessed in church on completion they signify that Jesus' love is around all recipients.

Over the nine years it has developed and grown and the shawls have been distributed locally, nationally and even internationally to Matugga in Uganda (Bishop Ivan’s family at the Revival Centre).

Our range of shawls has now been extended to baby blankets in delicate colours and bright stripes. We have a very active Toddlers Group that meets weekly and many parents attend these sessions.

Dan’s Den, part of Christchurch, is a thriving indoor play centre and since it opened in 2014, it has become a big part of the Ilkley community. Many families and mothers meet and share the activities. As part of Christchurch outreach each new baby is given a baby prayer blanket .The response we receive from parents and grandparents is wonderful.

Recently one of our 'more senior' Dan’s Den volunteers, who crochets baby blankets presented one of her beautiful creations to a newborn baby and mother. It was a wonderful experience for both of them, bringing three generations together with a gift of love.

We also run our Bitesize and Smiles activities and support LS29 and our blankets and shawls are given out to everyone.

All shawls have a tag attached with a prayer and the name of the knitter. The shawls are received with so much gratitude with the love and prayers that were knitted into each shawl and blanket giving comfort and the knowledge that they are in God’s care. The shawls have been given to the young, old, infirm or lonely. They span all ages and all troubles. They bring joy, love and comfort.

At Christchurch we feel blessed that we are able to spread the love of God in our Community through our Prayer Shawl Ministry.


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