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Time And Talents

Christchurch encourages members to make a regular contribution to the life of the Church. Each year, usually in February, we celebrate Stewardship Sunday when we consider our need to renew our personal commitment to Jesus and to Christchurch.  Both the time and talents we give and also the financial contribution we make for God’s work through Christchurch. This includes the day-to-day cost of running Christchurch, the buildings, staff, resourcing the activities that take place and donations to Christian Mission and charities.
There are various ways in which contributions can be made:
  • By giving of time and talents - there are many opportunities to get involved at Christchurch, either on a Sunday by taking part in the worship and support activities; during the week in some of the many regular activities that happen – join a Housegroup, volunteer in the Christchurch Cafe, use the prayer opportunities.
  • Our Planned Giving Scheme means that Christchurch can budget ahead. Contributions can be made by joining the Planned Giving scheme – you can give by using an envelope to hand in with the collection on Sundays – weekly or monthly. Or you can set up a Standing Order to arrange a regular payment.
  • Gift Aid – for those who pay income tax the Church can reclaim 25p for every £1 given from the Inland Revenue. In the Tax year 2016/17 the amount recovered in tax was over £29000.
You can download a Gift Aid Declaration Form.
For further information contact Helen Singleton, Stewardship Secretary, via the Church Office.


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