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Wednesday Wizards

Eat your heart out, Harry Potter!
If it’s wizards you’re after, you don’t need Harry Potter. Just come to Christchurch on a Wednesday morning and you are sure to bump into one or more of our very own Wednesday wizards.

How will you recognise them?  Well, they may have a paintbrush or two in their hands, or a ladder in transit, or a power drill. Or you may find them just after 10am in the Coffee Centre having a well earned coffee and scone – with jam!

What do they do? Some recent jobs have included various minor painting work, reinforcing the framework of an emergency exit door, repairing chairs in the lower hall, fitting locks on cupboard doors, repairing a non-flushing toilet, security marking portable appliances, and many other similar tasks.

Who are these wizards? They are a band of about five retired people who give of their time, mostly Wednesday mornings, to carry out those little (and sometimes not so little) maintenance jobs that need doing from time to time.

There is something unique about being a ‘wizard’.  The fellowship and companionship we share is rather special, but it is not a club for an exclusive few; we welcome new blood, provided our ‘rules’ are followed:

  • There is no obligation to come every week
  • There is no overtime – all work is finished by 12 noon
  • Work starts when you are ready – we are open from 8am, but it is impossible to be late!
  • The rate of pay is reviewed regularly – it is currently zero, but rumour has it that a 50% increase is being considered!

If you feel you might be able to offer help in this way we would be delighted to see you some Wednesday morning. And the church would benefit by saving money on its maintenance bill.

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