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World And Society

World & Society GraphicAs Christchurch has a large congregation it would be very easy for us to be totally absorbed in our own affairs and concerns. However, there is a well established tradition of looking outwards and expressing prayerful and practical concerns for what is happening in the wider world. The WORLD AND SOCIETY COMMITTEE is the group which helps members of Christchurch to do this.

Our aims are:

  • To promote greater awareness and understanding within the Church community of issues such as inequality, prejudice and deprivation, at both local and international level
  • To encourage theological reflection and understanding of the Christian response to situations of need
  • To provide resources for education

Our particular responsibilities are:

  • To organise occasional study days to provide deeper understanding of specific issues
  • To ensure that regular, relevant articles are included in the church newsletter
  • To liaise with the minister and worship committee in planning acts of worship on themes directly in support of the committee's aims
  • To encourage the wider church community to develop and implement activities in support of the overall aims
  • To organise retiring collections at acts of worship as a response to urgent need

To make proposals to the Congregational Meeting for the distribution of funds allocated from the main church income, on an annual basis

Our way of working - The Committee meets several times a year and submits reports to the Church Meeting and Church Council. We are gradually establishing a number of focus groups, through which those interested concentrate on particular aspects of our work, covering the following areas:
Environmental Concerns 
   Public Issues
   World Development
   World Mission
There is some overlap, for instance issues of justice are at the heart of world development concerns, but we find it helpful to have several groups with a limited focus, rather than seeking to fulfil responsibilities through one group. It is also true that some people do not wish to serve on a committee but they are willing to be part of a working party.

Our policy on giving - Money allocated through the Annual Church Budget is given in four directions, as follows:

  1. Denominational - to URC and Methodist causes, such as World Mission funds, Methodist
    Homes (for the elderly) Methodist Relief and Development Fund; Methodist local preachers and both denominations ministerial retirement funds.
  2. Local Projects, such as BEACON, Beamsley; Blenheim; St George's Crypt; Touchstone
  3. Overseas Projects, for most of which there are personal links through members of the congregation

Occasional appeals, which come in through the year, in response to disasters.

Details of all the charities we support can be found on the Charities Supported page.

See the
Donations page for details of our giving for the last financial year.

Members of the W&S Committee are

Rita Armitage – Chair
Judith Bray - Fairtrade Representative
Merle Collins – Wider Horizons articles and Prayer Diary
Sandra Duff – Amnesty International contact
Christine Henney – Leadership Team: Mission and Evangelism Portfolio & Scope contact
Rob Hilton - Minister
Ruth Hilton – Christian Aid Representative
Chris and Gary Knamiller – Environment Focus Group & SENEthiopia Schol for the Blind
Rachael Prentice – Minute Secretary
Wendy Ribbands – Social Justice & Public Issues
John Sayers – Evangelism Focus

For further information please contact Rev Rita Armitage (Chair of Committee). 

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