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Blenheim Project

The Blenheim Project was founded in 1978 by a group of local Methodists. The charity aims to support homeless women and children in Bradford, offering  services for homeless women and children, including temporary accommodation, childcare service, resettlement and community based support. Christchurch has supported this Project for many years and continues to do so, principally via our members taking, and filling, collection boxes in their own homes.

Most women who come to the Project are on a low income, usually in receipt of welfare benefits. They face a wide variety of practical, emotional and financial difficulties. Over half the women referred to the Project need a safe environment as they are leaving violent situations - from partners or family members - or are trying to protect their children from assault.

The supported temporary accommodation is a short-term service which aims to enable women with and without children to move into appropriate permanent tenancies within the community. The Project also empowers women to take control of their own lives and develop the capacity to live independently in the community. 

Would you be prepared to support this charity?  Speak to Pat Scott or visit the Blenheim Project website for more information.

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