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  •  Welcome to Christchurch Ilkley

    Following the UK government’s statement of 23 March 2020, it is with great sadness that Christchurch is now closed and all services and activities suspended.
    The Christchurch Café is also now closed, as is Dan's Den.

    As of 20 June 2020, it will remain closed until we have permission from both our parent bodies (Methodist Church and United Reformed Church) and the Governement that it is safe to re-open.

    Although our building is closed, our church community is still here in Ilkley and beyond and we want to care for one another and those who need us through this time.

    Worship materials for adults and children will be produced to use at home. Please email mikedixon@blueyonder.co.uk to have your address added to the mailing, click on the links.

    Our prayer chain is running as usual: please ring 01943 831779 if you would like to submit a prayer request.

    For pastoral care you can contact Roberta our minister and the pastoral team leader Jenny.
    Rev Roberta Topham - 01943 607870 - rev.robertatopham@gmail.com
    Mrs Jenny Freeman - 01943 511244

    In this time of loss and change, our love and prayers are with those who are unwell, those who care for them, and those deeply affected by the current situation of lockdown.

    We remember that Jesus is the light of the world, a light that no darkness has ever put out.

    01 August 2020
    Material for Sunday Worship on 02 August, both Interactive and Preacher-led Reflection, is available - please click on the linked graphic to the right.
    There is also a Pastoral Letter from our minister Roberta, along with a link to our YouTube stream, as well as resources from previous weeks.


    Apologies - there will be no service material uploaded for 09 and 16 August as our website manager is on holiday. Please contact Roberta for a copy.

    Christchurch Ilkley is a busy and loving place - People of all ages, theological persuasions and backgrounds testify to the welcome they have received, and to the spiritual home they have found.


    Our worship offers a variety of styles at different times throughout the week.

    Our Vision is to have Christ at the centre of the church at the heart of the town.

    Christchurch is a joint Methodist / URC Local Ecumenical Partnership.

    Whether it's community activities in the spacious and active premises, prayer times, or in Housegroups, this meeting in love continues throughout the week.

    Wider Horizons LogoWeekly Notices
    are suspended until further notice
    (These are usually available each week; hard copies in the Foyer.)

    Wider Horizons
    August 2020

    Our monthly magazine, is being produced 'from home' and can be at the link above.

    Melting Pot graphic

    There's been an overhaul of the
    Melting Pot Notes from sessions.

    All notes up to MPot 48 (February 2020) are now available to read or download

    Belief & Belonging
    A statement about Christchurch.
    What is it that we have in common at Christchurch?
    What gives us our shared purpose? What is our passion?

    SMILE is suspended for now

    Dan's Den at Christchurch 
    Soft Play Area is
    CLOSED until further notice

    Christchurch Cafe Logo

    CLOSED until further notice

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  • This Week at Christchurch

    Tuesday 11th August

    10:00 Weekday Welcomers

    10:30 Meditation Group

    Wednesday 12th August

    08:30 Wednesday Wizards

    Thursday 13th August

    09:30 Prayer Fellowship

    10:00 Weekday Welcomers

    Friday 14th August

    WH Publication

    10:30 Pause For Thought

    18:00 Jigsaw Club

    Sunday 16th August

    09:00 Interactive Worship

    10:45 Preacher Led Worship

    Tuesday 18th August

    10:00 Weekday Welcomers

    10:30 Meditation Group

    Wednesday 19th August

    08:30 Wednesday Wizards

    Thursday 20th August

    09:30 Prayer Fellowship

    10:00 Weekday Welcomers


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